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Tim Kaine Dodges Question About Voters Not Trusting Hillary Clinton

During an interview on ABC’s The View, Tim Kaine was asked about the recent emails released by WikiLeaks that showed Hillary Clinton having two different views on Wall Street, and whether something like this factors into why people don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

Kaine took the opportunity to attack Russia for orchestrating the hack.

“First thing on the WikiLeaks, I mean the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence has said that this is hacking that Russians are behind it, the Russian government is behind it. So, anybody that would hack to try to destabilize an election, you can’t automatically assume that everything in all of these documents are even real.”

Kaine never addressed why voters don’t trust in Hillary Clinton during his answer. Rather, Kaine talked about “HillaryCare.” A recent Economist/YouGov poll found 54% of voters don’t view Clinton as honest or trustworthy.