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Tim Kaine Doesn’t Mention He Skipped Votes To Address The Flint Water Crisis

While campaigning in Detroit, MI for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine addressed the water crisis in Flint, MI.

“And here’s something you shouldn’t have to say in 2016 but you know it in Michigan, and frankly everyone does around the country: a safe home means being able to drink the water,” Kaine told the crowd.

Kaine however conveniently forgot to mention that he twice skipped votes in the Senate that would have dealt with the water crisis, to fundraise for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

On September 1, Kaine skipped a vote to advance The Water Resources Development Act Of 2016. Instead, Kaine attended two fundraisers in Illinois.

Then again on September 15, Kaine was one of only two Senators who missed the vote to pass The Water Resources Development Act Of 2016. Kaine elected to attend a fundraiser in Maine.