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Tim Kaine Tells Supporters They Don’t Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Policies

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign conducted a national volunteer call with Tim Kaine, who was asked whether volunteers should know about Clinton’s policies.

Kaine emphatically responded that it was not a problem and that most of the conventions would surround the rules for voting not Clinton’s actual policy proposals.

Below is a full transcript:

HOST: Awesome, thank you so much. The third question, really good question, comes from Stephanie in Pennsylvania. Stephanie asks can I volunteer even if I don’t know enough about her policies?

TIM KAINE: Um, Stephanie, the answer is absolutely, you sure can, cause here are two things you can do on that question: one, much of the conversation you’re going to be having with voters when you call them is probably two-thirds to three-quarters is going to be, ‘Hey what is the date by which you need to register? Do you know which precinct you’re supposed to be voting in, can I give you information about that? Do you know the hours that the polls are open that day? Do you know what your local community rules are about early voting — might I convince you to vote early?’ So, a lot of the conversation you’ll have is really going to be more about the rules for voting. But even when you get into the policies, if you don’t know the answer, you can take somebody’s question and say ‘I’ll have someone call you back.’ And then, you know, and then you note that in the file: ‘here’s a voter that seems interested but really wants to know about environmental policies.’ Well that then tells us something important about that voter, and somebody from the campaign can get back to them. And I’ll tell you this is something that I really have used in my own campaigns in the past. Often, if somebody has that conversation when they get off, they kind of are not sure, or they’re even doubtful that somebody’s going to call them back and answer their question, and when they get a call back, ‘hey, you know, we heard you were talking to so and so yesterday, and you asked a question about the environment, we have the answer, here it is,’ they really are impressed. That almost always will convert an undecided person into a voter. And so, even if you don’t know the policy answers, your agreeing to get back to them with an answer, is something that will really be impressive.