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Tim Kaine: We Didn’t Have To Poll Test The Slogan ‘Stronger Together’

On Wednesday, while campaigning in Arlington, OH, Tim Kaine told the audience, “I see some of you holding the ‘Stronger Together’ book. Hillary chose that theme not because some pollster said, ‘Hey, pick it.’ She chose it because she really felt like it explained the policies.”

It doesn’t appear that Tim Kaine was in the loop when it came to picking the Clinton campaign slogan. The New York Times reported on a leaked email that shows the Clinton campaign tested 85 different slogans. From the New York Times reporting:

Crafting the perfect political slogan is hard. Writing scores of unmemorable ones? Less so.

Buried in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John D. Podesta, is a message from August 2015, when the campaign was weighing a list of prospective slogans for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy.

The list from the leaked email does include the campaign’s general election choice, “Stronger Together” — as well as a slightly wordier variation, “Together we’re strong.”

This isn’t the first time that Hillary Clinton’s running mate has been left out of the loop. Kaine didn’t know that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia until after Clinton had fainted during a 9/11 memorial service. This pattern of not informing Kaine draws into question what his role would be inside a Clinton administration.