Tom Brokaw: I Haven’t Met Anybody Who Thought Comey was Doing a Good Job

By NTK Staff | 05.10.2017 @2:34pm

Brokaw dispells the comparisons of President Trump's firing of FBI Directory Comey to actions taken by Richard Nixon

Legendary reporter Tom Brokaw said that he hadn’t talked with anybody that thought FBI Director James Comey was doing a good job while dismissing the comparison to Richard Nixion during an interview on MSNBC Wednesday.

Brokaw started off by warning fellow journalists against jumping to conclusions about why Comey was fired. “All of us as reporters…have to take a deep breath and say let’s deal with the facts as we know them at this point.”

Brokaw pointed out the difference between what President Trump did on Tuesday night and what Nixon had done.

“Watergate was a criminal enterprise run out of the Oval Office of the White House at the time of the Saturday Night Massacre,” Brokaw said to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

“Some of the president’s very top aides were on their way to federal prison and burglars had been paid off out of the White House. So there’s a big difference between that and with what we’re dealing with now,” Brokaw said.

Brokaw then told Mitchell, “I have not run into anyone yet that thinks Jim Comey was doing a good job as the FBI Director,”

Brokaw concluded by pointing out how Democrats blame Comey for Hillary Clinton’s loss, but now they are defending him as a champion.

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