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Tom Cotton Asks if Hillary Clinton is Undermining Integrity of U.S. Elections

The Arkansas senator asked if Hillary Clinton’s sore loser status makes her an “unwitting agent” of Russian interests.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked panelists at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday if Hillary Clinton’s placement of blame on forces other than herself or her campaign undermines the integrity of U.S. elections.

“Has Hillary Clinton become an unwitting agent of Russia’s goals in the United States?” Cotton asked the witnesses.

“Since her election defeat, Hillary Clinton has blamed her loss on the Russians, Vladimir Putin, the FBI, Jim Comey, fake news, WikiLeaks, Twitter, Facebook, and my personal favorite, content farms in Macedonia,” Cotton said.

Clinton has attempted to avoid blame for her loss in 2016 and, in so doing, may have led the left-wing to question the legitimacy of the election.

The witnesses declined to answer the question.

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) asked a similar question about President Trump. Witnesses also declined to answer that question.