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Tom Cotton: There Will Be No Stability in the Middle East Until Iran is Rolled Back

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), in the middle of a fact finding trip to the Middle East, said on State of the Union Sunday that the Middle East would not find stability until the United States “roll back” Iran’s expanding power.

“On this trip to Lebanon and Jordan and now in Israel, one consistent thing I’ve heard is the threat that Iran poses,” Cotton said. “Without Iran and Hezbollah and their activities in Syria, it’s a big question if the Islamic State would have risen to the power they have now.”

“If we don’t roll back Iran’s gains throughout the region, we’re not going to have stability and we’re not going to defend U.S. interests to the degree that we should,” Cotton added.

Cotton also would not commit to ground troops in Syria, deferring to the Trump administration. Cotton instead insisted that the United States not cap the amount of troops it would send, if it did decide to put boots on the ground.