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Tom Perez Dodges on Whether it Would Have Been Better if Bernie Sanders Had Won

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez would not say whether the 2016 election would have gone better for Democrats if Bernie Sanders had won the presidential primary in an appearance on Squawk Box Friday.

“I’m focused on the future,” Perez said after being asked about Sanders.

Host Joe Kernen asked if Perez would get rid of superdelegates and allow “the people” to choose the Democratic Party’s nominee. “Why go through the primary process if you’re going to pick the nominee like Wasserman Schultz?”

“The American voters are going to pick the nominee,” Perez said.

Kernen challenged Perez, saying, “They didn’t last time, did they?”

Perez struggle to respond, only repeating, “The American voters picked the nominee in the primary.”

“That’s why your last chairman had to leave!” Kernen pointed out.

The Democratic Party faced immense criticism that it had rigged the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary in favor of Secretary Hillary Clinton. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned over the scandal.