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Tom Perez Supports Democrats Filibustering Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Former Secretary of Labor and current candidate for the Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez told Morning Joe he would support Senate Democrats filibustering President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee if elected to serve as DNC Chair.

“If they support the hard right, absolutely,” Perez told panelist Mark Halperin. “If they’re going to continue to go to the hard right, I think you have to do that.”

Back in September at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum, Perez seemed giddy about the prospect of replacing Justice Scalia with a Progressive Justice if Hillary Clinton won the Presidential Election.

“Well, I think you have all these — there’s an unmitigated assault on labor unions across a number of states, and there was a case that went before the Supreme Court recently, and frankly if Justice Scalia had not passed away, it would have really made it very difficult for public sector labor unions to organize,” Perez told moderator Steven Rattner.