Tom Price Explains Medicaid Reform

By NTK Staff | 05.07.2017 @10:24am

The Health and Human Services Secretary explained the GOP plan to return power to the states.

In an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price laid out the Trump administration’s plan to return Medicaid power to the states. He also pushed back on claims of cuts to the programs.

“[Medicaid’s] a program where one-third of the physicians that ought to be seeing Medicaid patients aren’t, and that’s because there’s a fundamental flaw within the program itself,” Price argued.

“The federal government, up to this point, has said to the states, ‘You’ve got to treat every one of those individuals exactly the same,'” Price said of the diverse group of Medicaid patients. “That doesn’t make any sense to anybody.”

“What we’re fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor their Medicaid program to those specific individuals,” Price added.

Price argued that the Trump administration’s reforms would save money while improving the program.

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