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Tom Price: President Trump Remains Committed to Insurance for Everyone

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday that President Trump remained committed to health insurance for all Americans.

“Well the President is committed to that, as am I,” Price said in response to a video of Trump’s stance in 2015.

A CBS clip from September 2015 showed Trump in an interview saying that “the government is going to pay” for health insurance for everyone.

“This bill that’s moving through Congress right now is simply the first step in this process,” Price said. “The three steps include not just this bill, but the administrative changes that we’re able to put in place at the Department of Health and Human Services, all those regulations and rules that were put forward by the previous administration.”

“The third part of all of this are the other pieces of legislation that are moving through Congress literally as we speak.”

Price argued that “every single American” would be able to afford health insurance tailored to their needs.