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Touré: Ivanka Trump Only Cares About What Woman Put On Their Body

On Monday, Touré appeared on MSNBC to discuss an Elle op-ed on Ivanka Trump. The op-ed, titled “Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix ‘Women’s Issues’—She Will Distract From Them,” attacks Ivanka for supposedly not caring about women’s issues. It also compares Ivanka to a Disney princess.

“She would rather talk about the choices that women have to what they put on their bodies. Shop like Ivanka, wear my bracelet,” Touré said in response to the Elle op-ed. “This article is so smart in terms dealing with how she protects him from his sexism by being that exceptional woman. So if you’re like Ivanka, then you can supersede sexism. Right? When she says, like, ‘there’s no sexism, my dad promoted me very high.’ That’s not what we’re talking about.”

Touré put the words exceptional woman in air quotes, seeming to suggest that he doesn’t find anything exceptional Ivanka.

It should be noted the MSNBC segment on Trump and women’s issues featured two male panelists.