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Trump Adviser: ‘I Was Not in Touch with Anyone in Russia’

Former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he never had contact with any Russian official during Trump’s campaign in an interview on Thursday.

Lauer asked Stone about reports that he and other top campaign officals are under FBI investigation for being in contact with Russian intelligence officials during the campaign.

“Categorically, positively not,” Stone responded.

Stone went on to tell Lauer that no one at the FBI has informed him that he is under any type of investigation.

“They’d be pretty bored if they wanted to look at my emails or transmissions because they won’t have anything of this nature. I have no Russian clients. I was not in touch with anyone in Russia. I was not talking to anybody I believed to be an intermediary for Russia,” Stone went on to tell Lauer.

Stone confirmed that he would testify under oath in front of Congress to clear the air, if that is what is needed.