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Trump Becomes First President to Address Values Voter Summit

The president stressed values of religious liberty and American Christian tradition in his speech to the religious group.

President Trump became the first president to ever address the Values Voter Summit on Friday, delivering a speech to the conservative religious crowd stressing the importance of religious liberty and traditional Christian values.

The president repeated one of his favorite lines, telling the crowd, “In America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.”

The summit, sponsored by the conservative Family Research Council, welcomed the president with open arms. Its attendees enthusiastically cheered Trump’s pronouncements on the state of religion in the United States.

The president promised that Christians would be able to say “Merry Christmas” again, without fear of politically-correct reprisal, and he pledged support for the state of Israel.

Tax reform and Obamacare repeal also found their way into Trump’s speech, with the president casting tax cuts as a Christmas gift to American families. The rhetoric falls in line with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s threat yesterday to keep Congress in session until Christmas to finish passing the tax reform bill (a threat that came much to the chagrin of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi).

Trump’s biggest applause line came when he mentioned respect for the American flag, a reference to his recent fight with NFL players who have protested during the national anthem at football games.