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Trump: Bob Kraft Told Me to Cut Taxes for the Middle Class

The owner of the New England Patriots advised the president to fight for working people.

President Trump, speaking at a tax reform event in Harrisburg, PA on Wednesday, said that New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft advised the president to seek tax cuts for working Americans rather than rich Americans.

“I’ve had rich friends of mine come up to me and say, ‘Donald, you’re doing this tax plan. We don’t want anything,'” Trump said. “So many people have come up to me and said, ‘Give it to the middle class. Give it to people that need it.'”

Trump then said that Kraft had made the suggestion when he came to visit the White House following the Patriots’ Super Bowl win.

“As [Kraft] is leaving the White House, he said, ‘Donald, I know you’re very soon going to be doing tax reform and tax cuts. Give it to the middle class. Don’t give it to us. Give it to the middle class,” the president recounted.