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Trump Calls House O’Care Repeal “Mean.” What Does That Mean for the Senate?

The president made his thoughts on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) clear. It presents a few hurdles for the Senate GOP to clear as they build a repeal bill.

Trump in Kennedy Garden

President Trump thinks the health care bill passed by the House in May is “mean” and a “son of a bitch,” according to media reports on Tuesday.

Trump’s comments, made during a private lunch with GOP senators who are working on their own Obamacare repeal bill, creates some hurdles for the Senate GOP as they look to make changes to America’s struggling health care system.


The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that President Trump called the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – sometimes called ‘Trumpcare’ – “mean,” and asked senators to pass something “more generous.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta built on that reporting by adding that Trump also described the bill with a choice swear:


The unpopularity of the AHCA is well-reported at this point, so what will the Senate GOP do differently? They may smooth out the end of Medicaid expansion, or offer more generous subsidies to low-income customers.

They may also keep some Obamacare taxes in place, according to Reuters.

One thing is clear, though: some states and insurance companies are asking for regulatory and financial relief from Obamacare’s burdens. The law is failing in Iowa, customers around the country have less options than before, and Democrats are doing little to help. Relief will fall to the majority party.