Trump Defends Russian Lawyer Meeting as “Opposition Research”

By NTK Staff | 07.13.2017 @1:37pm

The president, at a press conference with the French president, claimed that many political operatives would have taken the meeting.

President Trump defended his son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer as part of typical campaign’s opposition research efforts, at a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

“Most people would have taken that meeting. It’s called opposition research or even research into your opponent,” the president said. “Politics is not the nicest business in the world.”

“They have information, you take the information,” he added.

Trump said that nothing came of the meeting, and the press is overreacting to the whole issue.

“The [Russian] lawyer that went to the meeting, I see that she was in the halls of Congress also. Somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by Attorney General Lynch,” he said, pointing out that this particular lawyer had raised no red flags in the past.

Trump made similar comments in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday.

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