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Trump Has Baffled Some Republicans With His “Both Sides” Press Conference

The president attacked the “alt-left,” the news media, and those who push to take down Confederate statues in a Tuesday presser. The GOP responded.

President Trump in Trump Tower

On Tuesday, President Trump held a shocking press conference in which he blamed the “alt-left” for violence in Charlottesville over the weekend and defended some of the people who rallied at the University of Virginia’s campus on Friday night. White supremacists organized the rally.

The fallout for the president among members of his party may be the most swift and severe since October 2016, when droves of officials unendorsed Trump in the days after The Washington Post published comments Trump made about women in 2005 on the set of “Access Hollywood.”

Some started by “re-up[ping]” their responses to Charlottesville on Saturday, many of which included tacit criticism of Trump:


Others stressed the need for moral clarity on the issues of white supremacy, bigotry, and racism:

And still others spoke directly to the president:

The president has yet to respond to the latest public outcry concerning his response to the white supremacist rallies, and subsequent violence, in Charlottesville over the weekend.