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Trump: I Am a Nationalist and I Want Fair Trade

Addressing the National Governors Association on Monday morning, President Trump described the assertion that he was a “total nationalist” as correct and also called for “fair trade” between the United States and other countries.

“Somebody said, ‘oh, maybe he’s a total nationalist.’ Which I am, in a true sense,” Trump said to the annual gathering of governors.

Addressing the concept of free trade, Trump praised the idea, but went on to criticize its practice. “The word ‘free’ is very deceiving, because it’s good for them, it’s not good for us.”

“I want fair trade,” Trump said.

Trump described his proposed import tax plan as “reciprocal” toward other countries’ import tariffs.

Trump’s stance on trade has placed him at odds with members of his own party, who see protectionist policies as counter-productive.