Trump in 2011: Obama is Our President. Leftists in 2017: #NotMyPresident.

By NTK Staff | 02.22.2017 @8:05am
Trump in 2011: Obama is Our President. Leftists in 2017: #NotMyPresident.

In a remarkable contrast with the #NotMyPresident Protests in the current day, President Trump, at CPAC in 2011, decisively affirmed that that President Obama was "our" President.

While considering a presidential run in 2011, President Donald Trump took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference to mock then-President Barack Obama, but at the end of his bit, reaffirmed that Obama was the president of all Americans, including the conservatives in attendance.

Trump ribbed Obama for being a relatively unknown entity before winning the presidency in 2008, mockingly saying that “He’s our president.” However, when members of the conservative crowd began their own heckling of Obama, Trump adopted a more serious manner and repeated, “But he is our president.”

Fast forward 6 years and liberals have struck an astonishingly different tone now that Trump has ascended to the presidency. Virulent anti-Trump protests across the country have attempted to undermine the Trump administration. Most recently, protests took place on President’s Day, under the banner of #NotMyPresident’sDay. The chant of “Not my president,” a rejection of Trump’s legitimacy, has become a constant slogan of left-wing protests.

As the left has sought to delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump, however, their numbers have significantly fallen off from early protests. Some DC protests this weekend failed to find any significant support. If the far left continues to attempt the delegitimization of a democratic election, they could see their numbers fall even further.

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