Trump Intervenes for Life in Charlie Gard Case

By NTK Staff | 07.03.2017 @1:53pm
Trump Intervenes for Life in Charlie Gard Case

The president offered American help to the British child who European courts ruled could not receive potentially life saving treatment.

President Donald Trump, after spending most of last week bashing the media, kicked off this week on Twitter by stepping into life issues in the European Union. Trump tweeted his support for Charlie Gard, a British child with a life-threatening disease and who European courts ruled could not travel to the United States for experimental treatment.

Gard’s parents attempted to take him to the United States for potentially life-saving treatment, but the U.K. hospital blocked them from legally doing so. U.K. and European courts ruled that Gard could not go to the United States for the treatment becasue it would prolong his suffering.

Life advocates like Pope Francis expressed their support for the Gard family’s right to seek treatment, and now Trump has stepped into the fray.

“We would be delighted to” help Gard, the president said on Twitter.

Through his first six months in office, Trump has thrilled pro-life activists with his administration. First, he reinstated and even expanded the Mexico City policy which prevents groups that advocate and provide abortion from receiving federal funds. Then, Vice President Mike Pence became the first sitting president or vice president to address the March for Life in January. And pro-life leaders hailedTrump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

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