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Trump: Job Numbers Aren’t Good Enough

President Trump expressed his previous belief at a CEO town hall Tuesday that the unemployment rate of 4.6 percent did not tell the whole story, leaving millions of Americans out of its consideration.

“They told me I had 4.6 percent last month. I’m doing great,” Trump said of his discussion with aides.

Trump said he responded to his aides with concern for those who had exited the workforce, “I said, ‘Yeah, but what about the 100 million people?'”

“A lot of those people, a good percentage of them, would like to have jobs and they don’t,” Trump added.

“When you look for a job, you can’t find it, and you give up, you are now considered statistically employed,” Trump said. “But I don’t consider those people employed.”

Trump touted his work to keep auto jobs in the United States, but made clear that he planned to bring more jobs back for “the forgotten man [and] the forgotten woman.”