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Trump Mocks ‘Fake News’ CNN at Speech

“What we’ve learned about ‘fake’ over the last little while,” Trump said.

President Trump mocked what he called “fake news” CNN at an energy speech on Thursday.

Trump was discussing historical claims that the world would run out of fossil fuels, calling those claims “a big, beautiful myth.”

“It was ‘fake,'” Trump said. “Don’t we love that term?” he asked the crowd.

“What we’ve learned about ‘fake’ over the last little while: fake news,” Trump said, referencing revelations that CNN producers and contributors believed the programs’ Trump-Russia narrative to be false.

“CNN. Fake,” he said.

“Whoops, their camera just went off,” Trump commented as he pointed at the media.

“OK. You can come back, I won’t say anything. I promise, I won’t say anything more about you,” he said to the CNN crew.