Trump on Tax Reform: “We’re Cutting Taxes” for Middle Class

By NTK Staff | 09.05.2017 @4:49pm

President Trump said he would work to bring back $4 trillion in expatriated funds.

President Trump told members of the media prior to a meeting with congressional leaders on Tuesday that he would work to repatriate $4 trillion of offshore money and cut taxes for the American middle class.

“We must bring back trillions of dollars that are currently parked overseas,” Trump said. “We have in my opinion, $4 trillion, massive amounts of money that can’t come back to our country because of our tax code.”

The president also said that tax reform would cut taxes for the middle class and spur economic growth: “We’re going to reduce taxes for people, for individuals, for middle income families. We’re going to reduce taxes for companies, and those companies are going to produce jobs.”

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