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Trump Shows Off Ridiculous Government Reports Required to Build a Road

The president brought out the huge reports to demonstrate the burdensome regulations that prevent development.

President Trump showcased the burdensome regulations that he was trying to eliminate at a speech at the Department of Transportation on Friday.

Trump said that he had met with builders earlier in the day, and one man showed Trump all the environmental reports that his 18-mile road project required.

“They spent $29 million for an environmental report weighing 70 pounds and costing $24,000 per page,” Trump said.

Trump brought the report to his speech and began flipping through the pages for the audience assembled there and the cameras.

As he finished with each huge report, he threw them on the ground with a thud.

“Nobody’s going to read it,” Trump declared as he flipped through the pages of the second binder.

While looking at the third binder, Trump said, “They don’t even know what this is.”

As he was making his way back to the podium, the president pushed the binders under a table with his foot, saying the media would mock him if he tripped over them on his way out.

“That would be a big story,” Trump said, pointing to the media.

The president recounted that the 18-mile project he referenced earlier had been caught up in the approval process for 20 years.