Trump to Push Tax Reform in N. Dakota, Where a Vulnerable Dem Senator Awaits

By NTK Staff | 09.01.2017 @3:00pm
Trump to Push Tax Reform in N. Dakota, Where a Vulnerable Dem Senator Awaits

Heidi Heitkamp is one of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2018. President Trump will visit her state next week, and presumably push her to support tax reform.

President Trump continues his tax reform push on Wednesday when he’ll travel to North Dakota to give a speech in the Bismarck-Mandan area, according to The Associated Press.

President Donald Trump is planning a trip to North Dakota to talk about tax reform.

Spokesmen for both the White House and North Dakota Republican Sen. John Hoeven confirmed Thursday that Trump is planning to visit the Bismarck-Mandan area on Wednesday, but would not give any further details.

It’s the second state Trump is visiting on his tax reform push, after Missouri, where he pressed vulnerable Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to support his efforts.

Trump’s efforts are reminiscent of the last Republican president, George W. Bush, who in 2001 traveled to states like Missouri and Montana to pressure on-the-fence Democrats – and Republicans – to support the tax effort.

Who will the president be calling out in North Dakota? Probably Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND).

Heitkamp is up for re-election in 2018, in a state Trump beat Hillary Clinton by almost 36 points just months ago.

What’s more, North Dakotans overwhelmingly support tax reform:

A pair of Republican firms, Definers Public Affairs and WPA Intelligence, partnered up to conduct a survey that would gauge voter sentiment on tax reform.

…North Dakota: 72.8% support, 27.2% oppose

Heitkamp has been silent on tax reform in the last week or so, but as recently as last month told a radio host (emphasis ours) that “the opportunity now is for the Senate to fill a void of, of assurance, that we can in fact get things done in government, whether it’s tax reform which I think we need to do.”

And on Friday, Heitkamp pre-empted Trump’s visit by welcoming him and his tax reform effort to North Dakota:

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