Trump Travel Ban Blocked Again, by the Same Obama-Appointed Judge

By NTK Staff | 10.17.2017 @3:30pm

Judge Derrick Watson has already blocked two versions of the president's effort to keep terrorists out of the country.

MSNBC reported on Tuesday that the same Obama-appointed judge who blocked a previous version of President Trump’s travel ban just issued a halt on the updated version of the president’s executive order.

Judge Derrick Watson, a member of the judicial branch in Hawaii, struck down the president’s previous order, and the judge inserted himself once again into the news surrounding the travel ban, NBC’s Pete Williams reported.

“This is now a block – a nationwide block on enforcing the president’s latest travel restriction,” he said.

Williams summarized the judge’s reasoning:

“It is a rerun. He says it lacks sufficient findings that affect the entry of more than 150 million Americans from these countries. It would be detrimental to the U.S. and plainly discriminates in a manner that the courts have already held to be unconstitutional.”

The Trump administration pulled their original executive order, which only placed restrictions on Muslim-majority countries, in exchange for a travel ban that restricts immigration from Venezuela, Chad, and North Korea, in addition to several countries on the original list.

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