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Trump: Wall Will Help Stop ‘National Tragedy’ of Inner City Crime

Speaking to the National Sheriff’s Association Wednesday, President Trump promised construction of his signature project, a border wall with Mexico, and said that the wall would alleviate crime in inner cities.

“We’ve allowed too many young lives to be claimed… by gangs and too many neighborhoods to be crippled by violence and fear,” Trump said.

Trump also emphasized the blight this violence has cast on minority communities, “Sixty percent of murder victims under the age of 22 are African-American.”

“This is a national tragedy and it requires national action,” Trump said.

Trump continued, “Every child in America should be able to play outside without fear, walk home without danger, and attend a school without being worried about drugs or gangs or violence.”

Trump cast blame on drugs crossing into the United States as a major contributor to the problem. To solve this problem, Trump offered praise for his Homeland Security Secretary, “General, now Secretary Kelly will be the man to do it.”

“We will give him a wall… and a lot of things will happen very positively for your cities and states,” Trump said of his border wall.

Trump also shot down rumors that he was “kidding” about building the wall, pointing to the effectiveness of Israel’s border wall.