Trump Warns Comey There May Be Tapes of Their Conversations

By NTK Staff | 05.12.2017 @10:37am
Trump Warns Comey There May Be Tapes of Their Conversations

Trump's Friday morning tweet was the latest twist in a shadow war developing between the president and the ex-FBI director.

President Trump threw an interesting wrench into the unfolding James Comey drama on Friday morning with a tweet that implied there may be “tapes” of their conversations that can be released to the public.

The tweet came hours after Comey allies leaked to The New York Times that the president had asked Comey for his “loyalty” in a January conversation at the White House. Comey reportedly refused, a move that the ousted FBI director believes led to his dismissal this week.

Trump’s tweet suggests there is content in the conversations between Trump and Comey that the ex-FBI director does not want released to the public.

Of course, Trump’s tweet may also open a Pandora’s box in the ongoing investigations of alleged ties between his campaign and the Kremlin.

It was the confirmation of the existence of White House tape recordings that ultimately brought down President Richard Nixon. Nixon was impeached for obstruction of justice in 1974 after he refused to release some tapes to a Senate committee investigating the Watergate scandal.

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