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Trump’s Treasury Secretary Says Tax Reform “Much Simpler” Than Health Care

President Trump’s Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, promised tax reform will get done, and said he expects tax reform to be “much simpler” than health care.

Steve Mnuchin

In a Friday interview with Axios‘ Mike Allen, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said tax reform will be “much simpler” than the health care fight, and said he believes a tax reform bill will pass Congress by August.

Allen had asked Mnuchin what the administration and Congress can learn “from the debacle over health care” that will help get a tax reform bill through.

Mnuchin dodged on health care being a “debacle,” noting he’s “optimistic” the Trump-endorsed American Health Care Act (AHCA) will pass. He added that “health care is a very, very complicated issue,” to which Allen responded: “And tax reform isn’t?”

Mnuchin said that “in a way, [tax reform is] a lot simpler,” because the health care fight started out with Obamacare’s issues.

While Mnuchin is correct about health care reform being difficult, some would disagree with him on tax reform being “a lot simpler.” Research analysts, veteran senators, and budget observers have all noted that President Trump’s goal of deficit-neutral tax reform that cuts rates for the middle class and corporations will be a challenge.

Nonetheless, Mnuchin indicated the administration’s timeline is still to pass tax reform by August, adding that the administration has been working on a tax reform bill for a few months at this point.

That leaves four months for tax reform to get done, as WSB Atlanta‘s Jamie Dupree pointed out on Friday: