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Trump’s Victory Chairman Slaps Down Rep. Mo Brooks’ Claim He Supported Donald Trump

“Congressman Brooks’ claim that he supported Donald Trump in the general election is a flat out lie,” Alabama Trump Victory Chairman said in a statement.

Alabama Trump Victory Chairman, Perry Hooper released a statement on Wednesday responding to Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) claim that accusations of him being a never-Trumper are a lie, Hooper called Brooks claim ” a flat out lie,” in his statement.

NTK Network has previously reported on Brooks’ well-documented history of being a never-Trumper statements in the past and on Tuesday NTK put up audio from a radio interview Brooks participated in conducted October 2016 during which Brooks refused to say whether he would be voting for Trump.

“Another lie from Big Lyin’ Luther. Luther Strange, and the DC Swamp, are desperate because Alabama voters do not like and do not trust Luther Strange,” Brooks told Breitbart News in an interview responding to accusations that he is a never-Trumper.

Well, now it’s the Alabama Trump Victory Chairman who is calling Brooks the liar after his comments to Breitbart.

“Congressman Brooks’ claim that he supported Donald Trump in the general election is a flat out lie,” said Hooper in a statement. “Not only did Congressman Brooks go on a radio show in October refusing to endorse Donald Trump, he actually refused to answer the question of who he planned on voting for in the election. Furthermore, in November he told a newspaper in the swing state of North Carolina that Donald Trump was not well suited for office and said the vote between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a decision between the lesser of two evils.”

Perry also touted Brooks’ opponent Sen. Luther Strange’s involvement in helping Trump win the pivotal states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.