U2’s Bono Says Dems Need “To Put Their Ear Closer to the Ground”

By NTK Staff | 05.31.2017 @1:45pm
U2’s Bono Says Dems Need “To Put Their Ear Closer to the Ground”

The rock legend, hardly a Republican, criticized Democrats in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

U2’s Bono is hardly a Republican or a Trump fan. In 2016, he called President Trump “potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America.” He dined with Barack and Michelle Obama in March. But even Bono is willing to criticize Democrats’ approach to the age of Trump.

Bono suggested Democrats are not listening to American voters in a new interview with Rolling Stone, and said U2 is trying to reach both Trump voters and Trump opponents on their anniversary tour for “The Joshua Tree” album (emphasis ours).

[ROLLING STONE:] During “Bullet the Blue Sky” the fans were expecting a similar speech to the one you made at the Dreamforce show last year, but you didn’t really go there.

[BONO:] I think the peace film is the way to speak about Trump. I also think it’s very, very important that people who voted for Donald Trump feel welcome at our show. I think they have been hoodwinked, but I understand and I would not dismiss the reasons why some people voted for him. I think people on the left really need to put their ear closer to the ground. I do this thing where I say, “The party of Lincoln, the party of Kennedy and those in between holding on, those letting go of the American Dream are welcome.” This is the most important line: “We’ll find common ground by reaching for higher ground.”

In other political news, Bono visited ex-President George W. Bush this past weekend at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Bush and Bono have worked together to fight AIDS in Africa, both during and after Bush’s tenure as president.

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