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Uber Fires 20 Employees in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Law firm Parker Coie investigated 215 employee complaints dating back to 2012…

Uber in the EU

Uber fired 20 employees, the company announced Tuesday. The firings came at the conclusion of an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and employee misconduct.

Perkins Coie investigated 215 staff complaints going back as far as 2012, Uber said, taking action in 58 cases and no action on 100 more. Other investigations are continuing.

Of the 215 claims, Uber said 54 were related to discrimination, 47 related to sexual harassment, 45 to unprofessional behavior, 33 to bullying and 36 to other types of claims.

It said the majority of the claims came from employees based at Uber’s San Francisco headquarters.

The Perkins Coie investigation happened concurrently with a broader investigation being run by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder into “company culture and practices.”

Not among the 20 employees fired was Eric Alexander, the Uber executive who obtained medical records of a woman who had been raped by her Uber driver in India. The company announced Wednesday that he, too, was fired. According to the New York Times, Alexander’s possession of the medical records was “widely known” among top executives, including Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

In February, former Uber employee Susan Fowler published scathing allegations about Uber’s company culture and, specifically, numerous instances of sexual harassment she experienced.