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UCF Socialist Club Encourages Young Kids To “Kill Trump”

The University of Central Florida “Socialist Club” held a “Bash the FASH” event on Friday, which featured pinatas with pictures of President Trump and several of his Cabinet nominees.

Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Post recorded video footage of the event.

The video depicts protesters hanging up several pinatas to a tree, followed by participants taking swings at the pinatas and encouraging young children who were also at the park to take swings at the pinatas as well.

In the video, around the 1:30 mark, one of the protesters can be heard saying, “Come beat Jeff Session’s face in.”

Once the pinata was broken, it erupted with candy and quotes from Jeff Sessions’ past.

After a pinata had fallen to the ground, a protesters can be seen around the five-minute mark viscously beating the pinata that features Sessions’ picture.

Protesters joked, “We need a medic!” while another can be heard saying, “Make sure the ambulance comes here a bit late.”

After the protesters had finished with the Sessions pinata, they hung a new pinata, which was designed to look like President Trump.

At the nine-minute mark, the group of protesters are joined by a group of adolescent children, who, wanting the free candy in side, start cheering for the pinata to break.