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Unable to Accept Election Results, Dems Now Pleading With Electoral College to Go Rogue

On Wednesday, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) appeared on CNN to discuss a last ditch effort staged by Democrats to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.

Himes is leading an effort attempting to convince members of the Electoral College to switch their votes from Trump to Hillary Clinton.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked Himes why he felt it is acceptable to ask members of the electoral college to overturn the will of the people.

Himes denies that this is his intention, “I’m asking them not necessarily to overturn the will of the people but to consider why they exist.”

“Make no mistake, this is not a partisan thing. Yes, I supported Hillary Clinton,” Himes told Bolduan. “What is not in bounds, what is way out of bounds is running an international business empire and not doing what you need to do to avoid conflicts of interest. What is not in bounds, is criticizing the CIA and intelligence community in a dangerous world and standing up for the Kremlin. It’s not in bounds to tweet lies about two to three million fraudulent votes. All of these things raise questions about whether this man is temperamentally fit to be president of the United States.”

“You call him temperamentally unsuited to be president. That was the line of the campaign for Hillary Clinton. That was decided on November 8th. Elections have consequences. How is this not a partisan issue?” Bolduan pushed backed.

Himes countered by pointing out, “As a legal matter, it was not decided on November 8th. A president by law is made in this country by the Electoral College coming together next week to cast their ballots and then the electoral college results are ratified in the Congress of the United States.”

Bolduan asked Himes what he believes is the chance of this strategy working. Himes admitted it was low.

“How about zero?” Bolduan countered. “The country elected Donald Trump as president,” Bolduan pointed out to Himes.

At no point during this exchange would Himes concede that Trump was indeed President-elect.