Unhinged Paul Krugman Goes on Hypocritical Tweetstorm Against Trump

By NTK Staff | 01.06.2017 @3:58pm
Unhinged Paul Krugman Goes on Hypocritical Tweetstorm Against Trump

Krugman went off on Trump and the FBI on Twitter Friday afternoon, calling the latter the election's "biggest villains."

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman went on quite the tweetstorm on Friday afternoon, calling for an Arab Spring-style revolt in the United States under President-elect Trump and naming the FBI as the election’s “biggest villain”:


Krugman’s FBI claim was particularly bizarre, considering he blasted Trump for his supposed “denigration of intelligence agencies” in a December 12 column.

Krugman called Trump “Putin’s poodle/stooge,” and said that Trump will soon be known as the “Manchurian candidate”:

After dismissing the possibility that a Republican Congress would impeach Trump and make Mike Pence president, Krugman envisioned an Arab Spring-style revolution taking place. “Mass people-power demonstrations? He orders the military to do something illegal and we have disobedience by the national security state?” Krugman tweeted.

Krugman ended his tweetstorm on a defensive note – “Don’t call this silly.”

That’s something that many level-headed Americans might find hard to do.

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