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VA GOP Candidate: If NFL Wants to Kneel, Pull Government Protections from Them

Corey Stewart, running against Tim Kaine in Virginia, wants the NFL to have to compete if they plan on disrespecting the flag.

Corey Stewart, a Republican challenger to Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in 2018, said outside the NFL Players’ Association on Wednesday that the federal government should revoke antitrust protections for the league if its players continue disrespecting the flag.

“We have always stood and given special treatment, the United States has, the United States Congress has to the NFL, since the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961,” Stewart told reporters. “I suggest this: we have always stood behind them. They no longer stand behind us, so perhaps it’s time to think again about that act.”

The law that Stewart referenced protects the NFL from antitrust litigation, and it collectivized league profits by prohibiting teams from competing for television coverage.

“[The NFL] is essentially a cartel, which means artificially high ticket prices, NFL gear that is far too expensive,” he said.

Stewart proposed that the U.S. Congress revoke this antitrust shield from the league and introduce business competition into professional sports.

“Then, at last, Americans can choose the team who they believe supports them, and those owners who own those teams who show so much disrespect for us, well, perhaps, they will suffer a little bit themselves,” he concluded. “Frankly, I hope those teams go bankrupt.”