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Van Jones Stands by Praise of Trump

CNN commentator Van Jones stood by his praise of President Trump on CNN’s New Day Wednesday. After Trump’s Joint Address to Congress, Jones called moments of the speech “extraordinary” and said that Trump “became President of the United States.”

Asked by New Day host Alisyn Camerota if he wanted to “amend” his comments at all, Jones declned the opportunity.

“In that moment, I’m proud, I’m human, I can still get teary-eyed even in a Trump speech,” Jones said.

Jones praised Trump’s recognition of the widow of a Navy SEAL during the address and rejected criticism that it was a political stunt.

“As the kid of somebody who served in the military, I still say it was an extraordinary moment,” Jones said.

“I haven’t seen this country come together for anything since he came down that escalator,” Jones added. “That was the only moment I saw people really come together, and it moved me.”