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Van Jones: The Clinton Campaign Needs To Take Responsibility For What Happened

On Monday, CNN political commentator and Democratic strategist Van Jones discussed a recent interview with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook and the reasons Mook cited for the campaign’s stunning election defeat.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota played audio of Mook’s marks:

“We were expecting to perform better with suburban women in particular. We saw those numbers a lot stronger than what happened on Election Day. We do think that was because of the Comey letter. We saw a lot of young people go to third party candidates. We think the letter had a lot to do with that as well. So there were a lot of reasons, but the lead among them in my view would be that letter from Director Comey.”

Jones reacted skeptically to Mook’s statement, raising his eyebrows:

“Listen, I think you should let me say that. I think you should let other people say that. I think you should let but you should actually admit and confess to some of the things that you did wrong on your campaign,” Jones said. “You say that you’re the party of the working person. But a lot of working folks in the Rust Belt felt left out. You say you’re the party of women, but you didn’t even get a majority of the female vote. There’s a lot of things that you got to take responsibility for I think that’s part of the frustration inside the Democratic Party right now.”