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Virginia Dems Attack Ed Gillespie for… Trying to Save Jobs?

The candidate for Virginia governor said he would work with the Trump administration to keep Norfolk the “largest base in [the] world.”

Virginia Democrats put out an unusual attack on GOP governor candidate Ed Gillespie on Tuesday, hitting Gillespie for saying he would work with the Trump administration to save Virginian jobs.

The headline of the post, written by Virginia Democrats spokesman Kevin Donohoe, blares, “CAUGHT ON CAMERA,” as if Gillespie let slip a damning remark on a clandestine video. Instead, the post links to a local television interview in which Gillespie said he would work with Republicans in Washington to ensure that federal dollars, which are so critical to Virginia’s economy, did not dry up.

The post then attempted to further tie Gillespie to the policies of the Trump administration, including the failed health law.

Gillespie, himself, called out the silly attack: