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Vladimir Putin Lectures the United States on Climate Change

“We should be grateful to President Trump….we can blame him for” climate change, Putin joked.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attack President Trump for his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord during an economic forum in St Petersburg on Friday.

NBC’s Megyn Kelly asked Putin what he thinks about President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the climate accord.

“I mean, we in Russia do have our own view,” Putin responded.

Putin continued, “generally speaking, the Paris treaty is a very good document which is aimed at resolving one of the global problems of the current times. In order to deter the climatic changes.”

“I should say that we should be grateful to President Trump because, today in Moscow, I hear they’re saying that it snowed and it’s raining here, it’s very cold, so now we can blame him for that and American imperialism. That it’s, you know, all their fault,” Putin joked. “But we’re not going to be doing this.”

Putin concluded by touting how Russia is still committed to fulfilling its part of the Paris climate accord.