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W.H. Dodges On Underestimating ISIS In 2014

During the White House Press Briefing, Josh Earnest was asked about an answer President Obama gave during an interview with CNN that will air this evening.

According to the reporter, President Obama said during the interview that “ISIS’s ability to launch a major land offensive was not on my radar.” The reporter asked Earnest if the President’s remarks suggested a ‘huge failure on the part of the administration to see this threat coming.”

Earnest seemed confused by the reporter’s question and told the reporter that he would need to wait to see the entire context of the President’s remarks before making a judgment.

“It does seem to suggest an intelligence failure. Or admit one on the part of the United States – not necessarily a failure by the Iraqis, a failure on the American side to see this coming,” the reporter stated following Earnest’s remarks.