WaPo Reports Dem Down 10pts ‘Has a Shot’ in SC Special Election

By NTK Staff | 05.31.2017 @10:00am
WaPo Reports Dem Down 10pts ‘Has a Shot’ in SC Special Election

The Democrats’ own internal poll showed him down 10 points, but the Washington Post framed a South Carolina special election as winnable, somehow…

Democrats, aided by a less-than-forthright write-up in the Washington Post, are getting their hopes up regarding their chances in South Carolina’s special election in the Fifth Congressional District to replace Rep. Mick Mulvaney.

Under the headline, “Democratic poll: Party has a shot in sleepy South Carolina race,” the Post’s Dave Weigel argues that, based on a poll from the Democratic candidate’s pollster that shows that candidate losing 10 percentage points, the race is somehow winnable for the Democrat.

Weigel goes further, gushing:

Unlike Montana’s Rob Quist, who ran as a populist but got caught flat-flooted [sic] by opposition researchers and some policy questions, Parnell has run as a pragmatist who wants to check the House Republican agenda. Unlike Quist, Parnell has been able to campaign without a Republican tracker filming his moves. Unlike Jon Ossoff, the Georgia Democrat whose runoff also occurs on June 20, Parnell has not been the target of a single negative spot.

It’s hard to remember or even imagine a time when a Republican, down 10 points in an internal poll, garnered such glowing coverage.

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