Warren Buffett Thinks Tax Reform Will Get Passed in 2017

By NTK Staff | 08.30.2017 @3:41pm

"I think that if you don't make it too complicated ... you can probably get it done," Buffett said in an interview on Wednesday.

Warren Buffett said he thinks there is a very good chance tax reform will get done by the end of 2017 during an interview with Fox Business‘ Liz Claman on Wednesday.

Claman asked Buffett if he thinks tax reform will get accomplished in 2017.

“I think there’s a pretty good chance. I think there’s probably more of a chance of that than most people think,” Buffett responded.

Claman followed up by asking Buffett why he thinks there is a chance tax reform will be accomplished.

“Well, I think the Republicans need one,” Buffett responded. “I think that if you don’t make it too complicated and try and really change the code in a massive way, you can probably get it done.”

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