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Waters Thinks BuzzFeed’s Debunked Trump Dossier is Factual

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) yet again expressed her desire to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump, saying that she believes the debunked dossier published by BuzzFeed regarding President Trump is factual.

In January, BuzzFeed published a highly-sensational dossier which alleged President Trump took part in graphic sexual acts that were documented by Russian intelligence officials.

The backlash from other media outlets regarding the report was swift; an ex-BuzzFeed reporter said that she would not have made that decision to run the story, calling it “fake news.”

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi asked Waters whether or not she believes what was published in the dossier. Velshi noted that the information in the dossier was unsubstantiated.

“We already know that the part about, the coverage they have on him, with sex actions, is supposed to be true. They have said that that’s absolutely true,” Waters responded.

Velshi pressed Waters on this claim, pointing out that the allegations in the dossier have not been proven to be true.

“But you understand, that I am saying the investigations must be done. The drilling down must be done. We must get to the facts of what it has been about,” Waters told Velshi.