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Week Three Sunday Night Football Down 11% From a Year Ago

The game between the Raiders and the Redskins was also down 9% from the week two game.

The NFL’s marquee matchup from week three of the 2017 season, between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders, was down 11 percent from a year ago following President Trump’s suggestions that fans boycott the league because of players’ decisions to kneel during the national anthem.

During a campaign rally in Alabama on Friday, Trump suggested that people boycott the NFL because of players who kneel during the national anthem. Trump suggested that they are disrespecting the country by protesting in this way.

On Sunday, players across the league united in protesting the national anthem, by either kneeling or locking arms with one another.

Trump’s boycott may be working, though, as the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that ratings are down 11 percent for the league’s marquee matchup.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“The NBC match-up between Oakland and Washington averaged an overnight 11.5 rating among households. The preliminary score, a low for this season, was down 11 percent from early scores the same night a year ago and 9 percent from the week before — albeit with a lopsided score that saw Oakland trounced 10-27.”