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WH Press Secretary: Getting Detained a Small Price to Pay to Prevent Terrorist Attacks

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the Trump administration’s recent executive order, which Spicer claims will make the United States safer.

The Washington Post’s David Ignatius asked Spicer what his reaction would be to people who claim this “Muslim ban” makes the world a more dangerous place by giving terrorist groups like ISIS new talking points for recruitment.

“We are talking about seven countries that the Obama administration identified as needing further travel restriction. We’re making sure that the priority is American citizens, American institutions, American business, American families. That’s the number one job of any government and any leader – to protect its people” Spicer informed Ignatius.

Spicer went on to say: “When we look at in context, and that is important, 325,000 people in the first 24 hours flew into this country to airports from foreign countries. A hundred and nine people were affected. They were slowed down in their travel, and I understand that is an inconvenience, but at the end of the day, that’s a small price to pay as opposed to somebody losing their life because a terrorist attack was committed.”