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What’s the Better Place to Live: Venezuela or World of Warcraft?

The socialist paradise of Venezuela’s currency is currently worth less than the fake gold of the fictional mass multiplayer game, according to Fortune.

Venezuela, a socialist nation rocked by political chaos and runaway inflation, recently saw its currency, the bolivar, drop below the worth of the fictional currency from the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing-game (MMORPG), World of Warcraft, according to a report from Fortune Magazine.

In fact, one piece of fake gold from the nerd haven is equivalent to almost two bolivars:

Dolar Today, which tracks the black market rate of the bolivar, says the currency has since slipped to 12,197 per dollar.

Compare that to the price of WoW tokens, official in-game credits that can be used to extend a player’s play time or buy in-game items. Tokens can be bought with either $20 real world cash or sold for a fluctuating amount of in-game gold. One tracking service lists the current gold price of a token as 129,631 pieces (as of Tuesday morning). That works out to about 6,482 gold pieces per dollar.

According to the report, Twitter users identifying as Venezuelan dissidents were first to point out how low their currency had fallen.

Opponents of the current Maduro regime in Caraças have taken to the streets in the wake of a fraudulent constitutional referendum that gave President Maduro sweeping authority. The IMF has predicted that Venezuelan inflation would jump to 720 percent this year, and the deepening political crisis has made economic relief virtually impossible.