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White House Dodges On Allegations Of ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Between The FBI And State Department

During the White House press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about allegations of “quid pro quo” between the FBI and State Department over the classification level of an email on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

“Yeah. Not much, because both the State Department and the FBI deny that any such arrangement existed,” Earnest told the reporter.

The reporter pressed Earned, “It seems to state very clearly, plainly, that that’s what was happening. I wouldn’t expect the State Department and FBI would say that that didn’t happen.”

“You’re suggesting that they would lie? Look, man, if that’s the place we’re going to be in, I think maybe you should go ask somebody else. The point is, both the State Department and the FBI indicated that the purported arrangement that is being flaunted around by congressional Republicans is not true,” Earnest responded and then proceed to attack Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

“So you’re saying the purported document is false somehow? Was doctored?” the reported pressed Earnest.

Earnest dodged the question saying, “What I’m guessing is if there is a suggestion that somehow the FBI and the State Department were involved in a quid pro quo, the thing you would do is go and ask the State Department and the FBI if they were involved in a quid pro quo. That’s what other journalists have done, and those journalists have found that both the State Department and the FBI said on the record that that was an inaccurate allegation.”