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White House Questions Donald Trump’s ‘True Motivations’

On Wednesday, during the White House press briefing Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about reporting that the General Services Administration (GSA) informed President-elect Donald Trump he must fully divest from his new hotel property in Washington, D.C.

The reporter asked Earnest if federal ethics laws need to be updated to included the President.
“I think all I can say to you is what President Obama has done. As I described earlier, President Obama didn’t just follow the ethics rules as they applied to him, he went far above and beyond them and made sure there wasn’t even the appearance of a conflict of interest when it comes to his personal finances,” Earnest told the reporter.

Earnest went on to tell the reporter how the actions President Obama took disadvantaged him financially, but “was good for the country because it erased any doubt about his true motivations.”

Many on the left believe that Donald Trump ran for President to benefit his personal brand and not to “Make America Great Again,” as his campaign slogan said.